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The Neum October 2022

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Floriani singing for the Right to Life League Gala in early October.

Friends of Floriani,


August last year, we set ourselves the goal to fundraise 250k. Thanks to all of your gracious support, this past week we hit our mark, and we could not be more humbled and energized by this success! As we have travelled around the country, it has been our joy to meet so many of you and to form this connection based in our mutual love of sacred music. Because of you, we’ve been able to share this gift and touch the souls of thousands of people, and we’re just getting started. Floriani has big plans for the future, and to have you all along for the ride, supporting us in our mission, is more than just encouraging—it is positively galvanizing. Please feel free to reach out to us any time! We love to hear from you. We will keep praying for you all, and if you have any special intentions, send them our way. God bless you, and praise be to God!


2022 Catholic Answers Conference

Last month we attended the 2022 Catholic Answers Conference, singing for each of the daily Masses, a sacred music concert, and the VIP gala. What a wonderful time it was, meeting so many new people, and getting to spend time with the amazing Catholic Answers team—Chris Check, Trent Horn, Karlo Broussard, Tim Staples, and the rest of that impressive team. Don’t worry, Chris, we will be back next year!


St. Anne’s Choir Program

We are excited to have the choirs at St. Anne’s active again after our summer break, and they have picked back up with renewed vigor. Our 11am choir is thriving, the 3pm schola is small but making significant progress in the chant, and our children’s choir has grown from less than 10 to near 30! In fact, this past Sunday, the children’s choir sang for a large portion of the 9am Mass. There is always room for more, so if you have any interest in joining one of our choirs, please reach out to us via email—we would love to have you!


Missa Solemnis Requiem feat. Faure’s Requiem, Nov. 2nd

In other news surrounding our St. Anne’s choir program, 6:30pm November 2nd we will be celebrating an EPIC Requiem Mass in the Usus Antiquior for All Souls Day. We have brought on a full orchestra for the celebration, and our choirs will be accompanying the Mass with Gabriel Faure’s Requiem. Do not miss this! If you’ve never experienced a Solemn Requiem… it is something to behold. Join your prayers for the dead with ours and attend this beautiful tradition. See you there!


Floriani in Georgia!

Lastly, we will be touring Georgia at the end of this month, so tell your friends in the South to come say hello! We will be hosting a retreat, a sacred music workshop, singing for vespers, and a few Masses, as well as a full concert of sacred music. For more information, see our EVENTS page on our website.


Amen Prayer App

Floriani has teamed up with the AMEN app for prayer and meditation, providing them with around 20 different pieces available on their app FOR FREE. Download the app to your phone, and be drawn deeper into prayer by the chants and hymns sung by yours truly!

Chant School Podcast

Love chant but can't sing it? The Chant School podcast is designed to help you sing the ancient chants of the Church with ease. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Tune in and learn to sing the great chants of the Church!


Questions? Feel free to email us anytime at

We are so grateful for your support! Please keep us in your prayers!

- Giorgio, Graham, Joe, and Thomas

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