Be a part of the revitalization of sacred music in America.


We want to dedicate our lives to this work, and we want to invite you to be a part of it through your donations and your prayers!

We believe in bringing beautiful, sacred music back to life on social media, in parishes, in schools, and in homes across America. God has given us the gifts and the desire to carry out this mission, and we believe that it is worth dedicating ourselves to, full-time.


With your support, over the first 12 months, we will:

  • Record at least 4 albums including Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter albums.

  • Deliver sacred music workshops and performances in at least 10 cities around the country, at parishes and schools.

  • Create weekly performance videos: chant, polyphony, hymns, and the best folk music

  • Create educational videos: basics of chant, basics of singing in parts, history of sacred music, music theory.

  • Host a multi-day retreat in which participants will pray, sing, and study with Floriani. 

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Joe Daly

Giorgio Navarini

Thomas Quackenbush

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