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The Neum March 2024

Giorgio and his choristers, who are preparing for a trip to Rome. Listen to their recording below!

Greetings, friends of Floriani!

We hope you are all having a spiritually fruitful Lenten season—we certainly are!  In addition to visits to parishes, we have filled our time with rehearsing and recording. Now, some of you may be wondering about the status of our album Chants of Deliverance.  After our recording sessions with Hallow, the possibilities of the recording studio became apparent to us. The studio did justice to our sound—the sound that most of you have heard at some point in person.  We decided, therefore, to postpone the release of Chants of Deliverance, and to re-record the entire album in studio.  Fortunately, we made quick work of this, and the recording process is already complete. 

St. Benedict's medal features in the artwork for the new album.

Post-production is taking place over the next month, and the release will follow shortly.  We thank you for your patience, and rest assured, it will be rewarded!  For our donors, keep enjoying access to the live recording of Chants of Deliverance, and we will surely pass on some early access to the studio recording in the coming month.

That being said, WE WILL BE TAKING PRE-ORDERS SOON FOR THE IMPROVED RECORDING. That's right, if you are interested in becoming one of the first to receive Chants of Deliverance, look out for more information on the pre-order opportunity for our email subscribers.


We will soon be making exclusive content available to all monthly supporters of $20 or greater. Those who qualify will gain access to insider videos and recordings, receive invites to exclusive events, as well as have the opportunity to chat directly with the members of Floriani. Keep an ear to the ground, Floriani supporters—the Floriani Tribe chat is coming.




The Crawley's welcome their first child!

Basil George Crawley was born at home February 18th, his due date, at 8:50pm. Praise God, he was born happy and healthy and full of life. The name ‘Basil’ (pronounced Bah-sil) is a family name, as well as an homage to the illustrious Doctor of the Church, Basil of Caesarea (otherwise known as St. Basil the Great). Already, he is immersed in music; nothing soothes him quite like his father and mother’s singing. Please keep the Crawley’s in your prayers, especially Basil!



In December, a team of videographers spent a few days with Floriani, following us in our work and interviewing each of us regarding our mission. The special was released this past week on EWTN’s Living Divine Mercy TV show, and has already been viewed 17K times on YouTube alone. "The vision for their music," the documentary explains, "is to awaken hearts to the truth, and the power of sacred beauty, so there can be a return to greater reverence to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist." Watch below! Floriani’s segment begins at 14:49.



In Lent, we ‘bury’ the joyous Alleluia during Mass, replacing it with the response “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, King of endless glory”. Traditionally, however, the Alleluia chant, typically sung before the Gospel, was replaced by a chant called a tract.  The tract is a long and solemn meditation, which adds an air of penitential gravity to this preparatory season.  The tract for the 1st Sunday in Lent is one of the longest and most elaborate chants of the liturgical year, and consists of all but three verses of Psalm 90/91.  Listen below to Chris’s recording of this beautiful chant, known as Qui habitat.



Choristers begin preparations for Roman pilgrimage

The children's choir which began in 2022 has blossomed into a group of impressively mature musicians. To take their choral experience to the next level, the singers and their families are planning a trip to Rome for this August. They are beyond excited to share their hard work and dedication to the renewal of sacred music in the heart of the Church.

From the words of their director, “Our rehearsals are no joke. I have the highest expectations for my young musicians. From the moment they step in the classroom to the moment they step out, they are expected to be full participants whether singing solos, sight-reading, providing creative suggestions, even conducting. Far from being intimidated by the process, they are honored & excited to be treated as young professional musicians which is exactly what they are becoming.”In order to fundraise, the choristers, with the help of Giorgio, are recording an album of their finest pieces. Listen to their rendition of the Lenten Marian antiphon, Ave Regina Caelorum, below!



Enter into Holy Week through sacred music. Join us for a virtual concert put on by the Institute for Catholic Culture.




That's right, we are now equipped to receive donations in the form of stock. For more information email us at



We want to shout out to a few folks who have helped us acquire some necessary items from our wishlist.

(You know who you are!)

Your help has been invaluable, and your generosity humbles us. God bless you!


Questions? Feel free to email us anytime at

We are so grateful for your support! Please keep us in your prayers!

- Giorgio, Graham, Joe, Thomas, Chris, and Sarah

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