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The Neum April 2024

Greetings, friends of Floriani!

First of all, we would like to welcome all of our new subscribers—we hope you’ve been enjoying the music! For those long-time followers, we love you and appreciate all the support, financial or otherwise. 

Like us, you understand the power of sacred music, and feel that it’s an important aspect of cultural renewal within and without the Church. You’ve helped us reach thousands of people in person, and millions online.  With that said, it has taken us a while to land a recording situation that suits our needs.  Fortunately, we recently established a relationship with a studio in Tempe called TopKat—this has changed everything. In one month, not only have we re-recorded Chants of Deliverance (look forward to a special announcement later this week), but we have completed the recordings for our flagship album, which includes all our favorite choral pieces. In addition to that, our Christmas album 2024 is already underway. Needless to say, we expect this output to continue, and you will be the first to know when these recordings are mixed and ready to go.  Don't forget: all donors have current access to the live recordings of Chants of Deliverance!

But for now, your patience and encouragement deserve a reward. Below is a raw-cut recording from our flagship album, a piece arranged by Giorgio, but composed by one of the greatest: Johann Sebastian Bach.  O Sacred Head Surrounded is one of the essential compositions of the western canon, and we hope you enjoy our meditative take on this classic.



“It was wild. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years"

On the eve of St. Joseph’s Day last month, Voces8 accepted Joe into their 2024-25 Scholars Program. Voces8 is a Grammy-nominated British vocal ensemble based in London. They tour the world, introducing new audiences to their wide-ranging repertoire, and founded two Scholars Programs in the UK and the US to train young professional singers.

Joe submitted his initial application back in January, and despite a record number of applications this year, he advanced and flew to Austin to audition in-person.

“It was wild. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years, so it was surreal to fly out and meet them. It was a three part audition: singing a prepared piece, an interview, and then a sight-reading portion. I was pretty nervous, but they were all lovely and by the grace of God, here we are.”

After snagging one of the three bass spots, Joe will be heading to Plano for a week in September for workshops and rehearsals, followed by a week of recording at MPR up in the Twin Cities. Last, he will head to Houston next February to perform live with the Voces8.

Amazed by our own ingenuity.

Thomas caught a fish exactly this big.

Giorgio caught a fish about this big.

"Say what you will about it's size, the fish was fierce."

You will not believe the size of the fish Graham caught.

THE SNEAK PREVIEW YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED. Yes. A sea shanty album in collaboration with the band Stilcho is in the works.





As mentioned above, our content output is cooking.  But there is even more in store—the hit podcast Exorcist Files is looking to collaborate with Floriani for its upcoming season.  For those who are not familiar, Exorcist Files is a podcast that unpacks the stories of a real Catholic exorcist, and infuses the stories with catechesis on the realities of the spiritual realm—and how to combat it. Their Kickstarter campaign has been a huge success already (for good reason), and if they raise enough money, Floriani will be recording an EP for the release, including a few tracks that will actually be used in the show. This ministry is something we love, and has been bringing people to Christ.  Click HERE to support themBy donating through THIS LINK, you will be donating to Floriani, as we receive a percentage of the whatever is raised. We also encourage you to listen to Season 1, as even we were amazed by some of the truths revealed by the exorcist, Father Carlos Martins.



For more information, or to register your child, click the picture above!



Precious Mikhael's rendition of the Regina Caeli has garnered over 5 MILLION VIEWS on Instagram 🫠 The world is thirsty for more encounters with the unalloyed joy of children singing praise!




That's right, we are now equipped to receive donations in the form of stock. For more information email us at



Thanks to your continued support, Floriani’s mission has picked up speed and continues to grow. Please consider support us in a very specific way by contributing to the following needs:

This summer, we want one of us to represent Floriani at the Napa Institute Conference. The event would be an invaluable opportunity to network and share our ministry.

As our choristers keep rehearsing and improving, we want to give them the opportunity to record their angelic voices on quality equipment. This mic set up would: give them this valuable experience, and give you a taste of heaven—yes, they are that good!

  • SM7dB Mic ($550)

  • Boom arm and stand for Mic ($100)

If you have it in your heart (and your bank account) to fund either of these items, please email us at


Questions? Feel free to email us anytime at

We are so grateful for your support! Please keep us in your prayers!

- Giorgio, Graham, Joe, Thomas, Chris, and Sarah

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