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The Neum June 2023

Joe and Thomas receiving the giant check from Catholic Community Foundation.

Floriani Receives CCF Giving Circle Grant!

Hello again, to all supporters of sacred music! Despite an eventful Eastertide, Floriani is cruising into Summer with a spirit of gratitude and excitement. Not only do we have some great events coming up in the next couple weeks, but we are also stepping into a new dawn of our mission, with some groundbreaking news on the horizon.

Before we touch on that, let us celebrate the generosity of a true exemplar of Catholic charity. On May 22nd, Floriani members Joe and Thomas received a generous check for $20k from the Catholic Community Foundation, a local non-profit that provides “sustainable support for those who serve our community.” We applied for their 2023 CCF Giving Circle Grant Award in the Community Forever Category, a portion of which is reserved for funding music and the arts. The money will be used to bring sacred music to Catholic schools and parishes around the Valley, and in particular, those communities that would not typically be able to afford it. Our sincerest thanks go out to everyone at CCF for their inspiring work and for all their support in making this happen.

Introducing children to the beauty of sacred music is at the heart of our mission. Thanks to CCF's Giving Circle Grant, we will be sharing our music with even more schools and parishes around the diocese.

Floriani and the students of St. Catherine of Siena during the Q&A following a short performance of sacred music.




Due to several and various roadblocks in the planning process, we have had to postpone our 2023 Sacred Music Collegium. Though disappointed, we are hopeful that the Holy Spirit has better plans than we can currently conceive of for this exciting undertaking, so stay tuned as the future unfolds!


Floriani and the Gregorian Chant Academy

As many of you know, providing musical education to schools, parishes, and individual musicians around the country is a key aspect of our mission. For the renaissance to take hold, we need to inspire and raise the next generation of Catholic musicians. That’s why Floriani has been in talks with Gregorian Chant Academy, an online platform for in-depth courses in singing and conducting Gregorian chant founded by Chris Jasper. Chris has done great work in promoting the chant, producing high quality content on his website and YouTube channel (see video below). Our plan to spearhead our own educational platform in conjunction with GCA is in the works—and brace yourself for a thrilling announcement, as we enter into a new phase of Floriani Sacred Music.

Check out this brilliant interview by Chris Jasper of GCA with the renowned Fr. Ripperger!



6/12-16 Children's Chant Camp — St. Anne's, Gilbert

6/17 Concert and Reception — Holy Spirit, Tempe

6/23 Final Concert of the Season — St. Anne's, Gilbert



Questions? Feel free to email us anytime at We are so grateful for your support! Please keep us in your prayers! - Giorgio, Graham, Joe, and Thomas

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