"The Floriani came and gave a parish mission in December 2018 on sacred music which was absolutely excellent! Their presentation was truly professional as well as personal and approachable. They were able to take the greatest treasure of the Church and present the history and value of sacred music in a manner that was easy to understand without diminishing anything about sacred music. Floriani was able to show how the Church’s sacred music truly had its origins in the ancient Jewish way of praying the psalms, and how the Church’s sacred music is really the continuation of that way of praying...praying as Jesus Himself would have prayed! Floriani engaged the parish all throughout the three presentations, teaching those present how to begin to sing as the ancient Jews had and as Catholics have for 2000 years. Many of us present were amazed at how well the congregation was able to begin singing in such a beautiful way so quickly! This was due to the good instruction of our presenters! After each presentation, the group was very happy to meet and discuss further anything about music with anyone who wanted too. It was as if they were members of our own parish! The last presentation was concluded with a beautiful concert featuring everything from ancient sacred music to modern sacred music. The quality of the concert rivals any primetime choir if not better! I would highly recommend Floriani for any parish or group interested in learning more about the greatest treasure of the Catholic Church…her sacred music. The content of the presentations, the humility and friendliness of the presenters, and the beautiful music which they sang…such a rare thing to find all three of these qualities in a single group!! I cannot wait for them to come back and put on another parish mission for us!"- Carter Ferrier, Camas Prairie, MT

“The Floriani Men’s Schola did us the honor of performing at our wedding.  My wife and I really wanted something to highlight our wedding ceremony which was a Traditional Latin Nuptial Mass.  What we were looking for was someone who could perform sacred music and truly make God the focal point of our wedding.  We were put in touch with the composer/organizer of the group to see if we could get the them to perform.  Originally we worked out a deal for 10 performers, but since it was the group’s first wedding, all 16 members wanted to participate!    Before the ceremony I spoke with the group and told them that the expectation was for them to “blow the doors off of the church,” and did they deliver!  What we (and all of our guests) heard was truly magnificent and Heavenly.  Immediately after the Mass and during the reception, my wife and I were told numerous times how amazing and beautiful the group’s performance was.  Their performance was truly what we had hoped for.  

In addition to singing various parts of the Mass, the group also performed about a half dozen pieces which my wife and I picked out beforehand, to include pieces for the Prelude, the Processional, the Ave Maria by Biebl for the Marian Consecration, and also the Recessional. 

My wife and I highly recommend the Floriani Men’s Schola for weddings and any other occasions that either require or could benefit from the performance of sacred music.”- Nick B.

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