Our Mission

  • To beautify the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Holy sound

  • To educate the next generation of Catholic musicians

  • To evangelize the world through the beautiful and ancient treasury of Sacred music

    Sacred music holds a role in the liturgy that is becoming more and more misunderstood if not all together forgotten.  From the ancient chants of the Church Fathers to 16th century polyphony to early American hymns and beyond, this deeply spiritual form of worship transcends all other genres.  The simple melodies of Gregorian chant are steeped in thousands of years of ritual use, some dating back to the days of Solomon's temple, and developed alongside the Church, providing the groundwork for the more complex harmonies of sacred polyphony.  This ever-evolving tradition is intimately tied to both the Church and its people, and it lives today still rooted in its antique origin. 

    Ultimately, our goal is to continue this living tradition, to spread it and teach it, and to reach as many people as we can through its captivating power.  Though modern culture may reject truth, it still responds to beauty.  The tradition of sacred music has the power to reach both Christians and seculars alike and to stir in them that part of the soul that cannot ignore its desire for the beautiful, and which longs to commune with its Creator.


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