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In the rush of daily life, moments of peace and spiritual connection can seem fleeting. Floriani invites you on a journey back to tranquility and depth with a free exclusive collection of sacred chants that have touched hearts and uplifted spirits around the globe.

Dive into the Depths of Sacred Music with Floriani

Join us, The Floriani, a Catholic men’s vocal ensemble from the Diocese of Phoenix, on a soul-stirring journey through the timeless beauty of Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony. Experience the serene and uplifting power of sacred music, curated just for you in a handpicked collection of our ten most beloved tracks.

Why This Journey Matters

  • Rediscover Contemplation and Tranquility: In a world brimming with noise and distraction, the pure voices of Floriani guide you to a place of peace and reflection, reconnecting you with the serene echoes of tradition.

  • Connect with Tradition: Our mission is deeply rooted in serving the Church and saving the culture through the beauty of sacred music. Each note carries the weight of centuries, embodying the enduring power of faith expressed through music.

  • Elevate Your Spirit: Whether you seek a moment of solace or a deep, meditative experience, our tracks are gateways to something truly transcendent, echoing our vision for a revival of Catholic sacred music in churches nationwide.

Your Invitation to Exclusive Access

This collection, featuring gems like "B’tset Israel (Psalm 114 in Hebrew)" and "Agni Parthene," among others, is not available anywhere else. It's our gift to you, as a token of gratitude for welcoming us into your journey and a testament to our shared path towards greater reverence for the sacred.

Whats Inside?

Embark on a Soul-Stirring Audio Odyssey

Dive deep into the heart of sacred music with Floriani's meticulously curated collection. This exclusive selection of ten tracks invites you on a journey through the serene landscapes of Gregorian chant and the profound beauty of sacred polyphony. Each piece has been chosen not only for its musical excellence but for its ability to touch the soul and elevate the spirit.

Your Curated Playlist Awaits:

  1. Salve Regina (Eastern Tone): A melodic embrace that evokes deep peace.

  2. B'tset Israel (Psalm 114): Ancient words reborn in soulful melody.

  3. Star in the East: A guiding light in musical form, leading you through contemplation.

  4. Agni Parthene: A serene hymn to purity and grace.

  5. Wondrous Love: Explore the depths of divine love's mystery.

  6. Our Father: The prayer of ages, transformed into a sacred melody.

  7. Ave Verum: Simplicity and reverence in harmony, celebrating sacred truth.

  8. Tantum Ergo (Corsican): The solemnity of faith captured in song.

  9. Alma Redemptoris Mater - Solemn: A reverent tribute to the Mother of the Redeemer.

  10. Puer Natus in Bethlehem: Joy and wonder wrapped in a vibrant chant.


Here's a Taste of What's Inside:

Prepare to be moved by "B'tset Israel (Psalm 114)," a track that exemplifies the spiritual journey awaiting you within this collection. Let this single, soulful melody be your first step into a world where every note brings you closer to the divine.

Click the play button to listen

B'tset Israel (Psalm 114)Floriani
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Step into the Sacred

This is more than a collection of music; it's an invitation to experience the profound beauty and spiritual richness that sacred music offers. Let the voices of Floriani be your guide on this journey of faith and tradition.

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We thank you for your attention and hope you enjoy our music.


May Our Blessed Mother continue to watch over you, your family, and loved ones. 

Floriani Sacred Music


"One of the best choirs I've ever heard. Do not let this rare union of art and prayer pass you by."

-New Liturgical Movement

"You've never heard a sacred music choir like Floriani"

-Catholic Gentleman

Testimonials Floriani (1).jpg

"Floriani is fast becoming a major contributor to the revival of the ancient chants of the Church."

-National Catholic Register

Meet Floriani


Giorgio Navarini

Giorgio’s love for sacred music began in high school when his family began attending the traditional Latin mass. This love for the ancient beauty continued through high school even into college where began directing choirs. Having graduated from Thomas Aquinas College, he taught in classical education schools aiming to embody choral excellence in the holistic formation of the human person. Whenever he is not directing a schola, you might find him hiking the mountains of Montana or enveloped in the historical account of a sea voyageur.


Graham Crawley

Graham was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and early exposure to the Beatles fueled his love for singing.  He attended Northern Arizona University for biomedical science, and after working in a malaria research lab in Seattle for a couple years, he attended Thomas Aquinas College, where he first encountered sacred music. He was a member of Floriani for all four years at TAC, directing the choir his senior year.  After graduating, he moved back to Phoenix where he taught Geometry, Ancient History and Literature, and Philosophy at St. Mary’s Catholic High School, pouncing on every opportunity to introduce his students to Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony.  Beyond music, Graham loves to watch English premier league soccer and read G.K. Chesterton.


Thomas Quackenbush

Born and raised in Ojai, California, Thomas first encountered sacred music while singing hymns with his family as a child.  He fell in love with choral singing in high school, and continued to sing and direct at Thomas Aquinas College.  In 2014, Thomas joined the faculty at St. Monica Academy in Montrose, CA, a Catholic Classical school where he taught Chemistry, and eventually became the director of the high school choir program.  After a wonderful 7-year term at St. Monica’s, Thomas felt called to join Floriani and bring his love for singing — and teaching! — to the group.

Thomas and his amazing wife Rebecca have been married for seven years and have four beautiful daughters.  Singing with his family is still his greatest joy.


Joseph Daly

Joe started singing sacred polyphony and chant with his local parish at age 13. His love of the art continued through high school and into college, where he was a four-year member of several different ensembles (including a fledgling Floriani) while double-majoring in philosophy and theology. After graduating Thomas Aquinas College, Joe earned his MSB from the Catholic University of America and worked for the SBA until departing that role for Floriani.


Joe is also an avid reader, enjoys board games and coffee, and has worked on nearly 40 stage and musical productions, playing roles like Lancelot (Camelot), The Pirate King (Pirates of Penzance), Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof), Aeneas (Dido and Aeneas), and Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha).


Floriani is Catholic men’s vocal ensemble based in the Diocese of Phoenix dedicated to serving the Church and saving the culture through the beauty of sacred music.

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