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Be Essential to Liturgical Renewal this
Sacred Music Collegium 2023

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Experience Chant & Polyphony

How to conduct it.

How to sing it with finesse.

How to teach it to your parish, school, etc.



Experience the Liturgy

Apply hands-on skills in the context of awe-inspiring

 Extraordinary & Ordinary Form liturgies 


Experience Theory with Practice

Much of sacred music revolves around the theoretical. The Collegium will equip you with a  symbiotic experience of the theoretical and practical so you can feel confident in directing your parish or school choir to success.


 Boston, Massachusetts

August 6-12th

Your Instructors...

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Giorgio Navarini

Director; Tenor II

Founder of Floriani; director and composer of sacred music for 11 years.  

Random fact: Avid reader and Jiu-jitsu fanatic. 


Thomas Quackenbush

Assistant Director, Tenor I

Floriani member and operations manager. Experienced singer and choral director for 13 years. 

Random fact: Enjoys watching MLB and spending time with his wife and four daughters.


Joseph Daly 

Instructor; Bass 

Floriani member and treasurer. Experienced choral singer and assistant director. 

Random fact: He is the highest and lowest singer of our ensemble.


Graham Crawley

Instructor; Baritone

Floriani member and social media director. Experienced choral singer and assistant director. 

Random fact: You may find him watching an Arsenal match during the Collegium.

Other Keynote Instructors 


*Get your early-bird discount; apply before May 29th!*

Collegium FAQ

1. Who should attend the Collegium? 

Any intermediate-level Church musician with a great love for the treasury of liturgical music and desire to lead in the renaissance of sacred music as music directors and musicians. Applicants should have decent sight reading skills and knowledge of theory. 

2. If I'm a Boston local, can I attend at a discounted rate?

Absolutely. The fee will be only 850 for locals. 

3. How old can I be to attend?

We would like to reserve this conference to young adults aged 18-32.

4.  Will I get hand-on experience conducting and leading?

Absolutely. We aim to make the Collegium as practical of an experience as possible so you can get the confidence you need to lead your parish/campus choir.

5. Is fundraising for this possible?

Yes. Due to the importance of sacred music you will be able to fund raise the cost by sending letters to potential sponsors. Many of our participants have also found funding through their parishes or campus ministries.

6. When do I arrive and depart?

Please arrive by the evening of Sunday August 6th as we will commence with a reception dinner. The conference will end with a Solemn Mass and celebration dinner on Friday August 11th. 

7. Where in Boston will the Collegium be hosted?


Sacred Heart Church and Saint Leonard's in Boston's Little Italy. Nearby accommodations are still being arranged. 

8. Is this for men and women?


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